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Bob Santos, Leader & Activist, Former Director Inter-Im CDA

Bob Santos sparkled with energy, charisma and depth - that very energy allowed him to accomplish real change in Seattle. Growing up in the Central Area of the 1940s with its multi-ethnic communities laid the foundation for him to become an enormously effective community leader.

Photo by Madeline Crowley©

Bob on the Central Area:

 I was born in 1934 in Seattle’s International District (the ID). My Dad was professional prizefighter and my parents lived in the ID in the early 1930s. Then, my mother passed away in 1935. My Dad couldn’t take care of my older brother and I. He was a widower and his fighting career caused him to slowly lose his eyesight due to boxing injuries...

When my father completely lost his eyesight in 1945, I became his Seeing Eye dog, so I would come down from the Central Area to the NP Hotel in the ID to take care of him. I lived in the Central Area and went to school there. I was running back and forth between the two neighborhoods so I could take care of Dad.

This interview is now available in the book, We Lived Here, published by Chin Music Press:

Courtesy of the Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers Maryknoll US

Bumps Blackwell OrchestraCollins Playfield photos showing the diversity of the area :

Bernie Whitebear
Read Bob's new fascinating book for more! It's on the Gang of 4, Bob Santos' activism across ethnic and racial lines for important social change

(Bob Santos was referred to this project by Yosh Nakagawa)

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