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About Us:
About this Project

This is an oral history, as such it's a record of people's memories with each person interviewed being the authority on their memories. As they are individual, memories differ from person to person, even on the same event. It is not a journalism project.

All interviews have been condensed and edited.

Project Director:

Madeline Crowley.

I am an instructor in the Communications and Humanities Departments of a local University. They are very supportive of this project but it is entirely independent of that institution.

I was born in NY and came to Seattle about 20 years ago so did not grow up in this neighborhood. I have sought out Historical and Cultural Associations to find people willing to narrate their stories.

There is more information about the genesis of this project under the Profile tab at top right.


Tamika Carlton - Research, Links
CityU of Seattle. Communications B.S. Broadcast, PR and Communications


Julia Eckels - Transcription
Nathan Greenstein - Youth and Technical Advisor 
Andrea Lai
Jessie Robinson
Robert Smith


Zachary Hitchcock - Transcription. Research.  Seattle University
Nguyet (Nikki) Dang - Transcription. Research.  Seattle University
Cecilia Weber  - Transcription. Seattle University
Zoe Chee - Transcription. Seattle University
Mikayla Medbery - Transcription. Seattle University

Special Thanks to:

Mrs. Dee Goto
Mr. Andrew Morrison
Mr. Yosh Nakagawa
Mrs. Michelle Purnell-Hepburn 
Dr. Quintard Taylor

Organizations we've offered content to in recognition of their help:

The Black Past.org
Japanese Cultural and Community Center
Washington State Jewish Historical Society
The Black Heritage Society 
The Organization of Chinese-Americans

We Thank Local Publications that generously promote our work on their pages:

The Central District News
The Madrona News

Fiscal Sponsorship:



This project was supported in part by 4Culture's Heritage Projects program

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About Me

Seattle, WA, United States
I am not a professional photographer nor a trained journalist. At community meetings, it became clear that many of us don’t know each other. We haven’t heard each other’s stories and don't know each other’s circumstances. This is my attempt to give a few people the chance to tell their story, to talk about our community, to say their piece in peace. As such, comments have been disabled. The views and opinions expressed here are those of each narrator and do not necessarily reflect the position of views of the CentralAreaComm.blogspot blog site itself. The CentralAreaComm.blogspot.com is not responsible for the accuracy of any information supplied by narrators of this project. All interviews have been edited and in places condensed.

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