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Mike Tagawa. Former Metro Driver and Black Panther Minister of Education

Mike Tagawa. Former Metro Driver and Black Panther Minister of Education 

Photo: Madeline Crowley

Do you think that in any way that there was a connection between you being born in a concentration camp and you becoming a Black Panther Party member?

Yeah. I think that figured into my psyche, that we because of our race - our ethnicity - were
thrown into a concentration camp. In other words, we were treated badly, because we were different. That’s exactly what’s happening to all my black brothers and sisters who were
getting treated badly.

Tagawa Family. Minidoka Concentration Camp. Collection: Mike Tagawa

This interview is now available in the book, We Lived Here, published by Chin Music Press:

Mike & Eugene Tagawa with Maternal Grandfather. Collection: Mike Tagawa

Mike & Eugene Tagawa . Renton, WA. Collection: Mike Tagawa

Renton Nazarene Sunday School. Collection: Mike Tagawa

Tagawa Family. Central District. 15th & Columbia. Collection: Mike Tagawa

Nagashima Grocery. Grandparent's store. 18th & Yesler. Collection: Mike Tagawa

Cowboys in Renton. Collection: Mike Tagawa

Mike Tagawa. Middle, 3 rows down. Garfield High Yearbook 1962 

Garfield High Classmates. Collection: Mike Tagawa

Washington Junior High Classmates. Collection: Mike Tagawa

Photo: Courtesy Faith Bible Church. History.

Photo: Courtesy of the Wing Luke Asian Museum 

Number Assigned to Mike Tagawa at Minidoka Concentration Camp. Photo: Madeline Crowley

Mike Tagawa. Photo: Madeline Crowley

War Protest. Collection Aaron Dixon

Collection: Aaron Dixon

BPP Breakfast Program (pre-Head Start) Collection: Aaron Dixon

Mike Tagawa. Photo: Madeline Crowley

Photo Courtesy Eugene Tagawa. All rights reserved.

Memorabilia: Mike Tagawa Collection

Photo Courtesy Eugene Tagawa. All rights reserved.
Mike Tagawa in the center. 1968. Photo Courtesy Eugene Tagawa. All rights reserved.

Collection Aaron Dixon. Photo by Mr. Gilbert. Seattle Times. 1968

Collection: Aaron Dixon. Washington State Archives.

Madrona Presbyterian. Photo: Madeline Crowley

Partial Page 1, BPP Book List

Photo: Eugene Tagawa. All rights reserved.

Photo: Eugene Tagawa. All rights reserved. 

BPP Breakfast Program. Collection: Aaron Dixon

BPP Reunion. Mike Tagawa, far right 2nd row down. Collection: Mike Tagawa

[Mike was recommended for this project by Aaron Dixon, author & former Captain of the Black Panther Party

The People of the Central Area & their stories is very grateful to Eugene Tagawa for his beautiful photos and Zachary Hitchcock for his tireless transcription of this interview.

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