Thursday, March 28, 2013

Jackie Lawson. Historian. Archivist. Black Heritage Society

Jackie Lawson has worked ceaselessly as an archivist and with the Black Heritage Society. She shared her memories of the Central Area in this interview:

Jacqueline Lawson. Photo: Madeline Crowley

This interview is now available in the book, We Lived Here, published by Chin Music Press:

Family Portrait. Collection: Jacquelyn Lawson

Family Home. Collection: Jacquelyn Lawson

Replacement Foundation Stone. Photo: Madeline Crowley

First A.M.E. Photo: Madeline Crowley

Meany School Portrait. Collection: Jacqueline Lawson

Collection: Jacqueline Lawson.

The Family Together. Collection: Jacquelyn Lawson

Garfield High School. Collection Jacqueline Lawson.

Jefferson & MLK Way. Photo: Madeline Crowley

Jackie and her husband, Officer Lawson. Collection: Jackie Lawson

Cherry St. past 31st Ave. Photo: Madeline Crowley

Jackie with her husband and daughter Gwen. Collection: Jackie Lawson

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